The slideshow to the right features the 1st-3rd Place Winners and honorable mentions, from our December competition. 

 The Villages Camera Club has its next meeting on Monday, December 17th, at 7:00pm, in the Foothill Center (note different location). There will be two presentations from Camera Club members.  Peter Nicholls will speak on "Special Effects Photography" and Bill Watson will speak on"HDR Photography".  Here are the abstracts:

Peter Nicholls:

By working through an example, we will show how to create some special effects in a photograph.  Our example is a picture of a milk jug and a coffee pot seemingly floating in mid air, pouring coffee and cream into a cup.  There are three phases to such a project.  First is the conceptual, thinking through the kinds of pictures that need to be taken and how they can be combined and manipulated (solving the problem in your head); second, how the pictures are actually taken; and third how the images are combined and manipulated in photoshop.  We will work step by step through the entire process emphasizing the essential photographic and artistic concepts.


Bill Watson:

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography may seem new, but it has been used since the mid 19th century by photographers to compress the range of light values to fit  the limitations of photographic prints.  Ansel Adams used these techniques in his darkroom. Today, light and shadow elements of a photograph can be easily manipulated to match your display and printer devices with low cost, yet powerful software applications.  A simple explanation will be given to help you understand how to use these techniques to capture your own creative vision.

Between now and March 19th, 2019 there is an exhibition of the works of artist Bruce Munro at Montalvo in Saratoga.  Called "Stories in Light" it comprises 10 light based works.  Photographers are welcome!  For more information see:

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