President Richard James

Vice President David Hathaway

Treasurer Peter Ligeti

Secretary Jim Koski

Committee Chairs and Others

Program Committee Linda Koski

Kathy Baechle

                                                                                               Richard James

                                                                                               Ernie Murata


Meet Ups / Outings TBD

Membership Sy Gelman

Hospitality Susie Martin

Marilyn Murata

Calendar Peter Nicholls

Publicity TBD

Rules Frank Langben

Webmaster Peter Nicholls

N4C Delegate        David Hathaway

PSA Rep                                                                                   Peter Nicholls

Projectionist TBD

Competition Displays  Ernie Murata

Competition Judges Mary Miller

N4C Competition Liaison                                                             Peter Nicholls

Note -- All are members of the Board of Directors

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