President's Message, August 2017

The Village Camera Club Board is planning an exciting year for its members.  We have reorganized the club into 3 Committees, Meetups, Competitions, and Programs.  The Meetup Committee chair is Susie Martin.  She will organized photo meet ups during the year for our members.  Our Meetups gives our members the opportunity to meet other photographers and to exchange ideas. Our Competition chair is Eric Pierson.   We will again continue our participation in N4C.  We will also have a yearend competition, the best of the best.  Our Program committee will be Co-Chaired by Ernie Murata and Patti Smith.  We hope to present a varied program that will be interesting and educational to all members.

Our Competition Night will be on the first Monday of each month.  We will have 6 competitions this year.  October and November for 2017 and February, March, April and May for 2018.  In June we will have a yearend competition, best photos of the year by our members.  We will continue to compete in the Print and Projected competition with  N4C.

Our Programs will be held on the 3rd Monday of each month.  We are putting together a great lineup of presenters.  

Our Meetups will give one the opportunity to learn to photograph different subjects and at different times of the day.  A great place to share ideas and techniques.

Our first meeting will be September 18th.  Peter Nicholls, our webmaster, will introduce our Village Camera Club's website.  Following his presentation, members will be showing their images taken during the summer.  Please put them on a usb drive and 3 images.  Be prepared to talk about your images.

I hope to see you at our September 18th meeting.


Ernie Murata

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