Art Stein Receives the Villages Camera Club Director’s Award

Text from presentation of award by Cindy Bauman 


Art started his interest in photography at the age of 12 when he got his first Kodak Brownie Camera.  While in the service and stationed in France, he started developing his own pictures—that was the beginning of a real relationship between Art and his Camera. 

When moving to California, 42 years ago, he continued his avid interest in photography by taking courses, and joining Friends of Photography (a group of well-known photographers based in Monterey), which included the infamous Ansel Adams.

He retired from both teaching and practicing pediatrics at the age of 63 and enrolled in San Jose State University. There, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Photography, and also taught for another 15 years.

Although he enjoys all kinds of photography, his specialty is the human body; or ‘‘figure’ photography’, stated his wife Judy. As photographers, we all know portraits and the human body can be the most challenging images to capture. On competition nights, when a picture of a lady comes up…we all know who took that picture!

He joined the Villages Camera Club ten years ago, when he and Judy moved here. Since that time, he has been an extremely active member:

  • President  2008 – 2009
  • Initiated ‘program nights’ encouraging members to bring their images for comments – discussed the strengths of the image and, if needed, pointed out areas that could be improved
  • Judges competitions
  • Still provides commentary and training sessions
  • Works one-on-one to provide feedback and support to those that need it
  • He is always willing to share his knowledge with club members
  • Most of all he encourages all of us to believe in our own choices of what and how to photograph

“Photography is all about the results pleasing you, the photographer.”

My first attendance to a meeting was on a ‘bring your camera session’. But before I left, Art came over to me and chatted; asking me about my interests, and encouraged me to keep coming to meetings. 

He made me feel welcome, and from that day forward he has continued to encourage me. Eventually, I submitted some pictures. Although they weren’t stellar, he made me see the parts that were good and told me how to correct the not so good. I value his opinions and appreciate his feedback. Most importantly, I value his friendship.

His initial encouragement for me to continue coming to meetings got me back into photography.

Art is a very kind, caring, and patient person that has touched my life in a very positive way. His personal approach and words of encouragement eventually got me to join the club.

So, I am honored to stand before you tonight as I inform Art that he is the second recipient of the Villages Camera Club’s Director’s Award.

This award recognizes individuals for their outstanding participation, accomplishments, and contributions in the operation of the club over an extended period of time.

Please join me in congratulating Art for all he has done to help make the club what it has become today.

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