Chris Cassel is our judge for March 2018


Chris has been photographing for over 35 years, using 35mm, medium format, 4x5, and digital SLR. He set up his first home darkroom in 1983, started printing digitally from scanned film in 1998, and started using a digital SLR in 2006. In 2002 he joined the Light and Shadow Camera Club of San Jose, has served as President of the club, and is currently the club’s Representative to N4C. The landscape has been of particular interest, with a special fascination for scenes juxtaposing elements of nature and those of humanity. Camera club competition tends to favor his photojournalism, though. 

Good composition is essential in a successful image, whether it’s an end in itself or a means to convey a story the maker is trying to tell. I will look for how well the elements in an image work together, regardless of whether they follow the standard "rules" of good composition, or not. I have found that many images of value don't grab your attention right away but, rather, grow on you after some period of observation. This, of course, works against them in competition where many images must be viewed in a limited period of time. Though under the same time constraints as any judge, I will nevertheless attempt to be alert for these "quieter" images.  

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