Stephen Busch

Stephen has been an avid photographer since age 9 inspired by the photos in National Geographic and Life magazines in parallel with an interest in drawing, painting, ceramics, architecture, and the natural world. He studied Photography with John Lodato at Laney College, concentrating on medium and large format monochrome images. He exhibited at the PhotoShow International and shows sponsored by Contra Costa Camera Club. He provided the cover and chapter photos for Hilda G. Berk's book, Early Childhood Education and has photographed many weddings and portraits for over thirty years. Stephen joined the digital revolution about the same time Jane Postiglione introduced him to the Contra Costa Camera Club where he has been print chair and is currently the club President. Jane and Stephen travel and photograph together and enjoy the camaraderie of their camera club. 

Philosophy: The still photograph with light as the medium is a marvelous palette for communication, affording artists, scientists, journalists, and lovers of light to record and share their vision. It is a challenge to compose in an isolated moment, or timed exposure the essence of a subject or scene in order to convey a story or feeling rendered in only two dimensions. I love to see what people have to share and appreciate feedback on my own work. 

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