The judge for October is Doug Stinson

Doug has been pursuing photography seriously for over 40 years, starting as a contributor to his local newspaper while in high school. He is a member of the Photographic Society of America, the Fremont Photographic Society and the Fremont Art Association. His photographs have won award at the local and regional level and he has taught introductory photography classes. In addition to his interest in the aesthetic aspects of photography he brings with him knowledge of the technical aspects of digital photography and image analysis from his years working for The Eastman Kodak Company and Hewlett Packard. 


I propose that a better name for our species is Homo imago consors – the image makers. Humans have been creating images, for no other purpose but to share experiences, for at least 30,000 years. It may be the one thing that truly distinguishes us from other species. The only thing that matters in a photograph is the impact it has on the viewer. If your image has as great an impact as a Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc cave drawing, you have a great photograph. If a judge can help you achieve that by assisting you in developing your technique, he or she has done their job.

The judge for November is Greg Edwards

Greg bought his first SLR in 1968. After a hiatus due to raising triplets+one, he has been active again for the past half decade. He is active in the Yerba Buena PSA chapter, the Pacific chapter of Royal Photographic Society, the Millbrae Camera Club and various Meetup camera groups. He has taken a number of classes from PhotoCentral of Hayward and workshops from Kim Weston, Harold Davis, and others. He has led many field trips for the Millbrae Camera Club throughout northern California. He also publishes a free weekly newsletter on interesting photographic events in the SF Bay Area and current photography articles.  Greg has had photographs in shows at the Royal Photographic Society headquarters in Bath England, PhotoCentral in Hayward, as well as one person shows UC San Francisco, and at the Yap Branch of the Bank of Hawaii. He has taught many photography classes on macro, astro, night and light painting. He has served as staff photographer at Fanime and SV ISACA conferences. He as also given seminars onhis photography and on photographic fraud.

The purpose of a photograph is to tell a story. Sometimes this requires realism and the exact truth, but
imagination and creativity can improve any photo. The N4C competitions have rules for different classes.
Rules come in two kinds, those that define the competition (creativity and journalism are rather different)
and those that are guidelines that can be broken sometimes for more effective photos (rule of thirds,
leading lines, etc.). I try to apply the rules as needed while providing suggestions as to what I think would
help improve the pictures.

The judge for January is Jane Postiglione

Jane Postiglione has been shooting images since she received her first Brownie camera at age 11. As an undergraduate student in Architectural Interior Design at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, Jane shot with a medium format 2 ¼ Minolta twin lens reflex camera and a hand held light meter, and learned to developed film and make black and white prints. After receiving her BFA from Pratt, Jane practiced design in New York City, travelled several times to Europe, and then moved west to study Instructional Technology and multimedia in graduate school at SF State. This lead to work in writing, shooting and editing instructional training videos for the Army and the Navy, as well as creating and delivering technology and management programs for the corporate world. Jane started using digital equipment in 2004. 

Jane has won many club awards for her prints and digital images, and has been President of the Contra Costa Camera Club (Pleasant Hill), and President of the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs (N4C). In addition to being on the Board of CCCC and N4C, Jane was a past Board Member of the Alamo Danville Artist Society, and past Director of their Rotating Gallery. She also filled in as Interim Director and Curator at Sun Gallery in Hayward, Ca. She has shown and sold her work in group and individual shows at local galleries and establishments. Most recently several of 

her images were published in the Best of Photography 2014 in Photographer’s Forum, a magazine for the emerging professional. In addition to her fine art photography, Jane shoots weddings and events with her photographer/musician husband. You can view Jane’s website at:

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